Prints can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Foamcore: 20mm foamcore with black or white edges and a special texture or ultra high gloss overlay.  Prices from $90.00.


For example of foamcore mounting click here.

Foamcore mounts are lightweight and ideal for hanging from self-adhesive plastic hooks on walls that cannot to be used for the traditional picture hook. 


They are also great for travellers not wanting the worry of glass breaking in a framed picture.   


The image is overlayed with a protective coating which allows gentle dusting or cleaning with a damp cloth. 


For example of aluminium edging click here.


The aluminium edging can also be cleaned in this way.



For example of sizes click here -

12" x 18" compared to 20" x 30".


Foamcore mounts are available in a variety of sizes from 8" x 10".



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Acrylic: 3mm or 6mm acrylic.  Prices from $180.


For example of 3mm acrylic mounting click here.




Acrylic mounting removes the need for edging or framing.

Images behind acrylic  are less bulky and have a smooth finish.


For example of 3mm acrylic click here.


Acrylic lies almost flat against the wall using a specially designed hanging system.

Narrow edged framing: 6mm foamcore, lustre overlay and narrow timber black frame.  Prices from $150.


For example of narrow edge timber framing click here.

A simple, lightweight alternative to traditional framing. The frame used for this type of mounting is a narrow edge timber. No glass is necessary as the image is overlayed with a protective coating.


Cleaning is easily done with a damp cloth to remove dust or fingerprints.


Removable self-adhesive hooks for hanging are also suitable for this type of mounting.

Traditional framing: prints can be mounted under glass in the more traditional frame with or without matting.  Prices from $190.

Traditional framing using simple or more ornate frames is another option for mounting prints. Usually reflective glass is used but non-reflective is available on request.


 A variety of matboard colours and widths are available as well.


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